Steps to pick the right clothing for your body type


Steps to pick the right clothing for your body type

Are you looking forward to becoming a fashionista? The first step to that lies in the clothing that you wear. It is not just about the clothing that you wear. It is about how well it goes with your body. That is why just good and specially designed costumes are not enough to make you look it. There are a lot of other factors and the most important among that is your body type. So here are some of the tips that help you pick the right clothing for your body type.

Pull out the measurements:

Get a cloth tape and take the measurements of your body. Though you can measure yourself inch by inch, the major measurements that matter are the length of your shoulder, bust size, the size of your waistline, the round that goes around your belly button and similarly around your thighs. These are the measurements that help you pick the right clothes that fall in line with the shape of your body. Remember to hold the tap in a way that it is not too tight or not too loose. That will get you the right size.


Find out the shape of your body:

There are 5 different ways in which body shapes are classified. Apple-shaped, pear-shaped, rectangle-shaped, hour-glass figure and inverted- triangle. These the five body types and for sure your body shape will fall into any one of this category. There are certain clothes go well with your shape, and others don’t. Every for people who have an ideal hourglass shape, that many others are dying for, certain costumes do not fit. So pick clothes that fit your body shape. Also, consider the fact that you could be a circle person too. Just in case you are fluffy as a panda but still healthy as a horse.

Clothes do create an illusion:

One more additional thing that you have to remember about outfits is that all of us wish to look good and a little flatter and thinner than we actually are. Though it is not always possible, certain hacks can help you out.

  • A crop top or a belt will make your tummy look flat.
  • Wear a body slimmer before you put on your outfit, and that will make you look thinner and keeps all the extra fat in place.
  • Keep your body type in mind. If you have a body that has an hour-glass shape, it is better that you do not wear loose-fitting clothes. It is a shape that you can very well flaunt and why do you need loose clothes.
  • Black clothes create an illusion that you are slimmer than you actually are. This is also one of the best ways to look slim and black is always elegant. Make sure you give it a try.


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