Dress for Success:  How Clothes Influence Our Performance

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Dress for Success:  How Clothes Influence Our Performance

You are what you wear. Your thinking, negotiating skills, hormone levels and heart rate could be influenced by what you wear.  Indeed, your performance is aligned with how your clothes reflect and influence you.

Research suggests that there’s more to just putting on a snazzy outfit as people feel like they become a new person after doing so.  Mental and physical performance is also one of the factors affected by the clothes worn showed on many studies. This ends up to a so called “unclothed  cognition” studied in the laboratories yet not have been investigated or replicated in the real world.

affect of clothing impression

Clothes are a key factor in impression

In a work setting, a person who suits up is known to have big-ideas. An experiment from the papers on August 2015 of Social Psychological and Personality Science, subjects to change into formal or casual clothing before cognitive tests led to a conclusion that it is related to feelings of power. Informal clothing was tested to males involved in negotiations and it resulted to a conclusion that those who dressed up obtained more profitable deals than those who dressed down who had lower testosterone levels.

In research published in July 2012 in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, a result was drawn that a white lab coat given to someone telling that it’s a Doctor’s coat performed well than those who weren’t told about it.

Wearing red and blue colors in combat fighters in the 2004 Olympics was investigated by researchers and found out that those wearing red were able to lift a heavier weight before the match and had higher heart rates during the match—but they were not more likely to be victorious.

Authors of the study, published in May 2010 in Psychological Science, theorize that counterfeit glasses increase unethical behavior by making their wearers feel less authentic. Also, by feeling less authentic, the wearer will decrease in performance possibly and not complete tasks with the same type of ease as before. 


The Red Sneakers Effect

Nothing is new when we heard people judgments based on the clothes we wear. This tells us that people prefer clothing that matches expectations.  This is the basic idea that we follow when we try to fathom the identity of an individual, we based on what the clothing he wears. – with one remarkable exception. A journal of Consumer Research explored observers’ reactions to people who try to slightly defy the established norms. In one occasion, a person who looked slightly different form the established dress code is considered at a higher status and competence when a person stands out from among others.

The study implies that people see this uniqueness from the norm as an added good impression because they look at it as courageous act against the possible negative effect of such actions. Visit http://beaddifferentembroidery.com for all of the latest news and blog talk to see how you can improve your image by dressing more professional. 


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